How it all began...

Everyone always asks me how I began making bath and body products. The truth is, I’m actually a product junkie that has always had a passion for creating products of my own. There was a time when I would take the products I purchased and mix them together to customize the consistency and moisture content to treat my excessively dry skin caused by chronic eczema as a child.

Later, I began researching ways to create products of my own with everyday food grade products found in my kitchen cabinets. In no time what started out as a hobby making bath and body products for my personal use and pleasure evolved very quickly into what I call a “passionate obsession”. I began spending most of my free time online researching recipes and ingredients. Then one day I realized that my skin looked and felt healthier than it had before. It was then that I realized quality products can be created without the addition of preservatives, harsh chemicals and dyes.

As a result of my passion for making bath and body products, as well as the inspiration of my sisters, Nidasii was established. Today we are committed to providing handmade bath and body products made with the finest ingredients nature produces.